EPFP Cohort

Eight from the RCOE Participate in the Education Policy Fellowship Program
Dec 1, 2023

Eight faculty and staff in the Reich College of Education (RCOE), including four CAP staff members, will be participating in the Education Policy Fellowship Program (EPFP): Dr.

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Taylor Kromer, adviser at Madison High School

Find Your Why
Nov 29, 2023

I grew up in a small town in rural North Carolina. My father, who was a self employed truck driver for his own father’s trucking company, passed away unexpectedly when I was 12.

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Becka Dulaney, Adviser at Franklin High School

Adviser Prospective: The Trailer Park Kid
Nov 17, 2023

I grew up as a “trailer park kid”. With that statement, many images come to mind.

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Madison Armstrong

College and Career Guide
Apr 1, 2021

As a first-generation college student, I know first-hand what it means to feel absolutely lost in the college application process.

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Thom Young

Adviser Perspective: FAFSA Completion - Thom Young
Mar 25, 2021

 I’ve been hearing the proverb “It takes a village” thrown around a lot lately, and, in my work, it can’t be more true.

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Molly's Office at Mitchell High School with pennants and inclusive flags

A Space for Authenticity at Mitchell High School
Mar 22, 2021

The College Access Partnerships staff strive to build cultures that create space for authenticity.

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Educators participating in professional development

Empowering Teacher Learning Project
Mar 16, 2021

Teacher-directed professional learning is an emerging topic within the educational community.

Empowering Teacher Learning

From K-12 to Higher Education: Applying to Graduate School While Serving as an Adviser
Mar 8, 2021

There is likely something ironic about the fact that while I was assisting students in applying for college, submitting their FAFSA, completing Residency Determination, and...

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Perspectives - How to Effectively Engage Parents and Families
Feb 26, 2021

When a student is considering their options for college, in most cases, they will have that conversation with their parents, due to the fact that they have their best interest...

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Lila Sheon

Advisers Perspective: Lila Sheon
Feb 18, 2021

“FAFSA State Champs!” our principal proudly hailed at an end-of-year staff meeting last year.

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Taylor Dodge

Interview with the new Swain County Coordinator: Taylor Dodge
Feb 18, 2021

Our newest GEAR UP Coordinator in Swain County is bringing a whole new level of experience to the job.

GEAR UP Model Junior Year slideshow

An Innovative Approach to Preparing Juniors for Postsecondary Success
Feb 9, 2021

Watauga County GEAR UP Coordinator Laura Turner contributes to our blog today and shares her experience of transitioning an integral GEAR UP programming component into a...

YES-Appalachia participants and staff

A Glimpse Inside YES-Appalachia in North Carolina
Jan 27, 2021

YES-Appalachia is a community-based organization that identifies high-performing, low-income students from rural Appalachia.

Young Eisner Scholars