Additional Funds Awarded to College Access Partnerships Grant Programs

Upward Bound and College Advising Corps recently received additional grant funding extending the duration of the programs. These funds will allow CAP programs to serve more students for additional years. 

The Department of Education has awarded Upward Bound $1.5M for funding for 2023-2028. The program will continue to serve approximately 65 students annually who are potential first generation college students, many of whom are from modest income households. Qualifying students live in Avery County, McDowell County, Alleghany County, or attend Freedom High School. 

Program highlights include individualized academic support and residential Weekend Institutes during the academic year, a project-based approach for providing summer instruction, and multiple opportunities for mentorship between students and App State  STEM faculty members. During the academic year, students will participate in a range of activities including individualized tutoring and academic advising, mentoring, college entrance exam preparation, financial aid workshops, career exploration, and budgeting seminars. During the residential, 6-week summer component, students will participate in academic preview courses, research focusing on science and math with Appalachian State University faculty, group interaction activities, college tours and college application assistance. Service learning, cultural events, and recreational activities will also be offered.

"Upward Bound at Appalachian State is thrilled to continue to serve underrepresented students in Northwest North Carolina.  The opportunities afforded to our high school participants in the program are invaluable as they seek success in high school and prepare to make the transition to college,” says Upward Bound Program Director,  Aaron Gersonde. 

AmeriCorps has awarded a $575,277 grant to the College Advising Corps at Appalachian State University. The scope of the grant includes 20 partnering school districts and approximately 3,000 high school students and their families, and the new partnership with Americorps will extend the AppCAC program for the next 3 years.

AmeriCorps College Advisers, who are placed within 20 WNC school districts at 22 schools, supplement the work of the schools so the schools can reach more students.  Advisers support seniors by meeting one-on-one with them to discuss their plans for life after high school, engaging with seniors’ families, assisting with college applications, and providing guidance on the financial aid & scholarship processes. 

In addition to the student focus, AppCAC program staff place an emphasis on supporting AmeriCorps College Advisers as they plan for their lives after AmeriCorps service. AppCAC and the national College Advising Corps provide ongoing professional development for advisers in the form of training sessions, workshops, and graduate school & career preparation.

“We are grateful to AmeriCorps for recognizing the Appalachian College Advising Corps’ success in its first three years and their commitment to helping our team continue their impactful work,” said Gloria Medina, Program Director of the Appalachian College Advising Corps.

“We are so pleased that the additional grant funds awarded to our programs will allow us to continue our commitment to serve the students and families of western North Carolina,'' said James Beeler, Senior Director of College Access Partnerships at Appalachian State University. 

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Published: Sep 14, 2022 12:00am