Eligibility & Admission

Upward Bound accepts applications each fall semester. High school & middle school guidance counselors and teachers recommend students to the program, and students may also refer themselves.

Any student that meets the eligibility requirements may apply. We have students who have started off with a failing class or two and gone on to achieve great success later in high school and in college. 

If you do not get selected this year and you qualify, your records will be kept on a waiting list for the next available space. We will contact you as space opens.

For more information or if you have questions email upwardbound@appstate.edu or call 828.262.2725.

Apply Now

This application will take you about 30 minutes to complete and you will need information from your parents.

Apply for Ashe, Avery, Watauga, West Wilkes High Schools

Apply for Alleghany, Freedom, McDowell High Schools


In order to apply to participate in Upward Bound, students must meet the following requirements:

  • Student must attend Alleghany, Ashe County, Avery County, McDowell, Freedom, Watauga, or West Wilkes High Schools
  • Student must be in 9th grade (10th grade in special circumstances)
  • Student must demonstrate the academic potential and desire to attend college
  • Student will be the first generation in his/her family to go to college and/or come from a qualifying low-income household.
  • Student has an academic need as determined by an Upward Bound Academic Coordinator

Student Commitment

Students who are accepted into Upward Bound are accepted for the remainder of their high school careers provided they keep their grades up and continue to participate. We ask that students attend all Upward Bound sponsored events. Remember, you can't get anything out of a program you don't put anything into. We promise to make an investment in your education, if you promise to invest your time and energy by participating.

Family Commitment

One of our goals is to develop a strong working partnership with each student and his/her family. Therefore, it is important that the whole family consider the following: purpose of the program, services provided, time commitments for the school year and summer programs, and the importance of open communication & returning phone calls and messages.