Group Visit Request Form

We are pleased that you wish to arrange a special information session and/or tour of Appalachian State University for your class! In order for our office to adequately prepare for your visit, please read and complete the Group Visit Request Form carefully.

The contact person must read and accept the six items below. In an effort to personalize each visit, we do not plan visits with tour companies and prefer to work directly with the school/organization.

Visits are scheduled in the order that they are requested, so please submit this paperwork as soon as possible and provide several potential dates for your visit. Check out the AsUTour Availability calendar prior to making your request. Your reservation is not complete and your visit cannot be planned until this request form is returned and you have received confirmation from our office.

AcceptDo Not Accept
Please note that no more than 100 people (students and chaperones) can be accommodated at once. *
We may be dividing your group into subgroups. Please ensure that you have enough supervision to allow for an adult in each subgroup. A chaperone to student ratio of 1:10 is preferred, a ratio of at least 1:15 is required. It is the responsibility of your chaperones to ensure appropriate behavior and participation during the campus visit. We reserve the right to refuse future visits if inappropriate behaviors/actions occur. *
If your group would like to have a meal in one of our dining halls, please inform us. Meals are not covered with your visit, but we can make arrangements for your accommodations and billing. *
We would love to document your time on campus by taking photographs! Do you have photo release permission for all of the students who will be coming from your school? *
Please call Tracey Tardiff on her cell phone at least 15 minutes before arriving to campus so that we can meet your group at the bus. If an unforeseen incident delays your arrival, please notify us immediately so that we can accommodate your anticipated arrival time. *
If Watauga County schools are closed because of inclement weather, school group visits will be cancelled. If this occurs, we will make every effort to reschedule your visit. *
Must have during the visit.
Requested Date of Visit

*Note: For specific availability check the AsUTour Calendar.

Not InterestedSomewhat InterestedInterestedVery Interested
Welcome & Why Go To College Discussion (30 minutes) *
Campus Tour using ASU's iPads (90 minutes) *
Question & Answer time with ASU students (30 minutes) *
Lunch in the Roess Dining Hall (60 minutes) *
Visit the ASU Bookstore & Gift Shop (30 minutes) *
Science Demonstration/Hands-on Science Activities (60-90 minutes) *
Interactive Activities in the Geology Museum & Rock Garden (60 Minutes) *
True Colors Personality Inventory (60 minutes) *
Career/Major Specific Presentation (60 minutes) *
Intercultural Activities & Games/Cultural Dialog (45 minutes) *