Shari Williamson


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Shari Williamson
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Assistant Director of Program Implementation
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Bloomingdale, OH

What clubs, sports or experiences were you involved in in college?

I was involved in Orientation, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and the Child Development Center.

Why should students in the Appalachian region consider going to college?

College teaches students so much more than academics. Of course students are prepared for the careers they choose, but they also learn so much about themselves, others, and the world. College campuses provide a wealth of opportunities for students with diverse interests and needs. The relationships students develop with faculty, staff, and other students can have lifelong benefits.

What is one piece of advice you might be able to offer a middle or high school student?

Don't let what you think you know keep you from learning something new. Seek out new experiences and perspectives that challenge your worldview. Share your experience and worldview with others so they can learn from you also.

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