Rachel Nave-Lewis

Job Title: 
Academic Support Specialist
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Appalachian State University

  • Bachelor's in Music Education

Gardner-Webb University

  • Master's in Curriculum and Instruction and Master's in Administrative Leadership

Why should students throughout Western NC consider pursuing postsecondary education?

Post-secondary education is where students can begin to establish passions and create a foundation in their craft. High school provides students a space to learn to be learners, while post-secondary fosters true, targeted, and rooted knowledge.

Why is the work and mission of CAP important to the educators we serve throughout Western NC?

Educators are front line workers. They serve as the bridge for students to not just read or hear about content or concepts, however, find relevance, meaning, and humanity in the classes they are experiencing. Serving educators establishes reinforced connections to students, family, and community.

What are you doing when you're feeling most happy; most alive; most joyful; most content; most fulfilled; or most like you belong?

I feel alive when I step out in faith and uncertainty. The act of venturing into the unknown is the most horrifying and gratifying feeling, and usually, no matter the outcome, I find fulfillment in the truth that I tried. Whether it was a success, or an not-so-much-success, I tried.

What is one piece of advice you might be able to offer a middle or high school student?

The plan will come. The dream will change. You do not have to all the answers right now. The journey is the best part.