Amanda Whittington

Job Title: 
Assistant Director of Finance and Administration
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Boone, NC

What clubs, sports or experiences were you involved in in college?

In college, as a freshman, I joined a sorority and instantly enjoyed the teamwork, leadership, and volunteer experiences that organization provided me. I loved volunteering during MLK Challenge day each year which allowed me to immerse myself in the community and with the people through service. Also, to help offset the cost of college, I worked part time at the Bookstore. This student employment experience helped me to realize my strengths, which ultimately ended with me changing my major to Accounting.

Why should students in the Appalachian region consider going to college?

College will open doors that you never thought possible. The connections you make with fellow students, faculty, and staff will honestly last a lifetime. My first “real life job” was made possible by a sorority sister pulling strings to get me an interview. Now, don’t get me wrong, college isn’t always unicorns and rainbows - college will absolutely test your boundaries and push you to your limits - and that’s OKAY. This time is great for you to truly find yourself – to see what you’re really capable of. And that, my friend, is a very cool thing!

What is one piece of advice you might be able to offer a middle or high school student?

As you start to consider what your post-secondary path looks like, start journaling those thoughts. When you tour a college or university, take the time to write down the highs and lows of the experience so that you can reflect on them later. Take in to account the following things: Did you like it being large or would you rather enroll in a smaller institution? Did you like their student organizations? Are you okay being close to home or would you rather have distance and “do it alone”? Does the school offer the program(s) that you’re interested in? Does the school accept outside financial aid scholarships? These guiding questions will help you narrow down what is important so you can find your best fit. But, above all, if you only remember one thing -- Have fun! College is a great experience and you’re going to have a ball doing it. Enjoy it!