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Too many students in Appalachia do not consider attending college despite their potential. Too many students in our rural public schools say they plan to apply to college but never do. Fewer adults in western North Carolina earn college degrees than the national average. We believe that education has the power to transform lives, and that every student in Appalachia deserves the opportunity to attain a college degree.  

Individual advising for students fosters real results. Students who received support from a College Advising Corps Adviser were 30% more likely to apply to college. Serve with us! The Appalachian State University College Advising Corps is hiring recent Appalachian graduates to help first-generation, underrepresented, and low-income students get to and succeed in college and beyond.

About the Program

As the largest college access nonprofit in the country, College Advising Corps (CAC) is devoted to giving every student the opportunities that college offers. CAC focuses on post-secondary enrollment and completion among low-income, first-generation college and underrepresented high school students by delivering personalized, knowledgeable guidance on college admission, financial aid, and enrollment. We do this through an innovative, in-school program model that places well-trained, recent college graduates from partner universities as full-time college advisers in high schools across the nation.

The Appalachian State University College Advising Corps recruits and trains recent graduates to serve as advisers in partner schools throughout Western North Carolina. Advisers participate in an intensive summer training program and benefit from ongoing coaching from experienced educators. Advisers gain valuable professional and life skills while providing outstanding service to prepare low-income, first-generation, and underrepresented high school seniors for postsecondary success.


  • Academic and extracurricular planning
  • Application support, including essays and balanced list-making
  • FAFSA, CSS Profile, and scholarship completion support
  • Admissions and financial aid award comparison and best-fit decision- making
  • Admissions and financial aid workshops
  • Group activities about college and life skills
  • Connections to postsecondary resources and opportunities
  • Standardized test preparation and registration
  • Family events


We serve public schools throughout western North Carolina.


Job Description

The Appalachian State University College Advising Corps seeks to hire recent graduates from Appalachian State University to serve as college advisers in high-need high schools throughout western North Carolina. As members of a national movement, Appalachian State University College Advising Corps college advisers will help students in rural, underserved Appalachian communities realize their dreams of achieving postsecondary education.

College advisers will report to program staff and to an on-site liaison in their respective high school placement sites.

Required qualifications

  • Earned a bachelor’s degree or higher from Appalachian State University by June 2019
  • Ability to work well with diverse populations
  • Strong desire to serve humbly
  • Be willing to relocate to their assigned communities
  • Strong interest in learning and professional growth
  • High level of professionalism in all communications and interactions

Preferred qualifications

  • Experience working with high school aged youth
  • Experience managing large projects and working in teams
  • Background in community service
  • Leadership experience


The College Advising Corps has found that the characteristics of successful advisers include approachability, independence, professionalism, persistence, graciousness, and proactivity. These characteristics support an adviser with developing the following skills for success in the role:

  • Interpersonal Skills: Advisers must be able to collaborate effectively with others to achieve goals and connect with people from all backgrounds.
  • Organization Skills: Advisers must be able to meet deadlines, plan events, and keep track of data and records.
  • Communication Skills: Advisers must have the ability to speak persuasively and tactfully, write professionally, and create multi-media texts such as flyers, presentations, and websites.
  • Problem-solving Skills: Advisers must be able to surmount challenges and solve problems creatively, ethically, and diplomatically as they help students navigate the college admissions process.

Adviser Benefits

  • Competitive compensation
  • Annual Education Award (can be used to pay student loans or graduate school
  • Comprehensive health benefits

Adviser Training

Advisers develop leadership, work, and life skills as they interact with K-12, higher education, and community-based organizations, developing knowledge and forging connections that will benefit them in their next step, whether that is a career or graduate school.

Schedule and Length of Service

Advisers will work regular, full-time hours during the school year. Moderate evening and weekend commitment is expected. Training begins in the month of July and advisers begin service in their assigned school in August. Advisers typically serve for two years. 

About the National CAC Model

  • Emphasizes a near-peer model so advisers are close in age to the students they serve.
  • Works in partnership with colleges and universities across the state, drawing on their infrastructure and resources.
  • Serves the whole high school, rather than a cohort of particular students, to foster a school-wide college-going culture.
  • Participate in a national external evaluation to quantitatively measure outcomes and qualitative results.
  • Focuses on best-fit colleges, encouraging students to attend schools that will serve them well both academically and socially.

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